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Using Chalks with Your Cards & Pages

Decorative chalks are a great way to add color to your scrapbook pages and cards. They are acid-free and very easy to use. There is a variety of decorative chalks on the market today. They come in different types and my favorites are the palate type by Craf-T Products, the stick type by Lowe-Cornell and my absolute favorite are chalk pencils by Faber-Castell. The General Pencil Company also makes a great set of chalk pencils. Let’s talk about how to use the different types.

Chalk Palettes
You can apply these chalks to your projects with a foam-tipped applicator, cotton swabs, or you can attach a small pom-pom to a pair of hemostats and apply the chalks that way. Simply pick up the chalk color you want to use with your applicator and rub it onto your project .
Chalk Pastels

You can use the same types of applicators as I mentioned before, directly on the chalk sticks, or you can rub the chalk stick on a piece of scrap paper and then use the applicator to pick up the chalk and apply to your project.
Chalk Pencils
Chalk Pencils

There are two different ways you can use chalk pencils. The first way is to use your chalk pencils the same way you would use a colored pencil. Use them to color directly onto your project. If you’re looking for a watercolor effect, use a Dove Blender pen with your chalk pencils. You can do that by coloring your images with the chalk pencils, add your highlights where you want them, then use the blender pen to blend the colors of the pencils together. You can achieve some beautiful results with this method.

Finally, after you have completed your project, be sure to use a spray fixative to “set” your chalks. This will seal the chalks onto your project so they don’t smear. My favorite fixative is called Preserve It! by Krylon Products. Never use hairspray to seal your chalks. It is not acid-free and it will damage your projects over time. And, after all of the hard work you put into each of your projects, you want them to last so future generations can see how talented you were!
Krylon "Preserve It!"
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