Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friendships Made at Trade Shows

I have been attending the Craft and Hobby trade shows for the last ten years. In that time, I have met so many amazing people. In your life when you’re involved in this wonderful but sometimes crazy craft industry, you meet people that come and go. Each person touches your life in one way or another. Maybe it’s a manufacturer that you design a project for, or maybe it’s an editor that you write an article for. Whatever the reason they enter your life, you do the job and you move on to the next project. It's wonderful to have these people in your life, but those are not the people that I’m talking about now. The ones that I’m talking about are the ones that you meet at the show and they stay in your life. The ones that you develop a deep friendship that lasts.

I have been blessed to have quite a few of those people in my life, but the friendship that I want to share with you is the one I have with my dear friend, Ann Butler. I met Ann about 10 years ago and after talking to her for a few hours I felt like “Wow! This is someone who finally understands my love for all things crafty!” Someone who gets excited about a new rubber stamp or a glue that works great on paper! No one in my non crafty life even comes close to getting it, but Ann got it. She was one of my people!!! And ever since that day over 10 years ago, we have remained close friends. We only see each other twice a year at the CHA shows and we only talk about once every couple of months, but when we do get together it’s always like we were never apart. She is one of my closest friends and I love her with all my heart!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that with all the craziness that goes into attending a trade show, between the meetings and checking out all the new products, don’t forget to take some time out of your busy day to spend with your friends. Nurture that friendship and cherish the short time that you have together. Stop and ask them, “Who’s up for a trip to Kentucky Fried Chicken?”

And to my friend Ann… I'm glad you're in my life. Thanks for being my friend. I love you girl!!!

Thanks for joining me. Until next time…

Crafty hugs,

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My friend Ann Butler. Isn't she just too cute!!!

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Ann Butler said...

AWWW....What a beautiful meaningful post...I Love You too Girlfriend!