Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rose Candle with Handmade Paper

If you’re looking for a quick and easy project that doesn’t look quick and easy, I have the project for you. Whether it is for a wedding or a birthday, it’s a beautiful gift that won’t take you all weekend to make. You can create this project in less than an hour.
I recently had a friend that was having a birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to get for her. I knew I wanted to create a gift for her instead of buying something, but I also knew that since I brought my new puppy, Ruby Renee home, that my time was very limited. What’s a crafty girl to do? Well, I know that she absolutely loves candles, so I wanted her gift to have candles in it somehow. Since I’m a rubber stamper/scrapbooker at heart, I definitely wanted to create something with my stamps and some of the paper I had in my scrapbooking supplies, so I had a great place to start.
I decided a trip to my local Michael’s craft store was in order. I browsed through the whole store hoping that something would jump out at me. I stopped in the aisle that held all of the candles and candle holders etc. and then I saw it. To someone who does not have a creative eye, the glass candle holder would look just like that…a glass candle holder. To me, it was going to become a fabulous glass candle holder, hand stamped on a beautiful piece of handmade paper. Most importantly it was going to become a gift that I knew in my heart my friend would treasure forever. Here’s how I created it;


Ÿ Glass candle holder- I purchased mine at Michael’s Craft Store
Ÿ Votive candle
Ÿ Handmade paper
Ÿ Lace & Pearl trim
Ÿ Mauve ribbon
Ÿ Faber-Castell Chalk Pencils
Ÿ Xyron Machine with Acid Free Permanent Adhesive Cartridge
Ÿ Glue Gun
Ÿ Heat tool
Ÿ Versacolor Pigment Inkpad- Ash Rose
Ÿ Delta Ceramcoat Matte Interior Spray Sealer
Ÿ Rubber Stamps: Large Rose by Rubber Stampede

Step 1. Cut handmade paper 14”w x 6”h to fit glass candle holder.
Step2. Stamp rose three times on paper with ash rose inkpad. Use heat tool to dry the ink before coloring.
Step 3. Color stamped images with chalk pencils. Spray images with spray sealer.
Step 4. Using a Xyron machine, adhere handmade paper to glass candle holder.
Step 5. Glue lace trim around top and bottom of candle holder with glue gun.
Step 6. Add mauve bow to front with glue gun.

Handmade paper usually comes in a large sheet or roll. If you purchase it packaged, check the measurements on the package to make sure the paper will fit around your candle holder.

Thank you for joining me. Until next time…

Crafty hugs,
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