Friday, February 10, 2012

Sizzix + Eillen Hull= Fabulous Products!

I have to say that Sizzix is one of my all time favorite company. So, it was very exciting for me when my long time designer friend, Eileen Hull,  became one of Sizzix’s licensed designer a few years ago. 

As Eileen was getting ready to debut her newest collection of Scoreboard die cuts, she called and ask me and our other designer friend, Ann Butler, if we would make some samples for Sizzix to give out at the show. One of her new dies was a super cute cake box. Let me just say for the record, that after using spray adhesive to attach papers to 93 of these boxes, plus using my Big Shot machine to cut out the boxes and 279 paper elements to add to this boxes, they were not looking oh so cute to me through eyelashes that were sticking  together (just kidding Eileen!).

Sticky eyelashes aside, Eileen’s new collections and the other new items by Sizzix were totally awesome! These pictures are just a few of the many new things that the Sizzix booth had to offer. Eileen’s newest collection will be available in stores by June. Be sure you go to your local rubber stamp and scrapbooks stores to pick up a few and maybe some of the other Sizzix products, check out the Sizzix website at . You’ll fall in love with them. Just make sure if you’re making 93 of those super cute cake boxes, that you wear a pair of goggles. It will save your eyelashes!

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My friend, Karen Burniston, demoing her new product line at the Sizzix booth.

My friend, Eileen Hull's, new product line called "Sweet Treats"
Now these are some very yummy treats!!! And zero calories! How cool is that!

Very Cute!

My friend, Karen Burniston, demoing her new product line at the Sizzix booth

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Eileen Hull said...

Hey, I just saw this! Thanks Lisa- that was such a nice post. Sorry about all that spray adhesive :-)