Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Bouquet in Recycled Glass- Guest Designer Eileen Hull

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Every Thursaday I'm going to share with you some projects that are created by my very talented professional designer friends. This is one of those projects. This beautiful spring bouquet was created by Eileen Hull. For more of Eileen's project ideas, please visit her blog at

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The glass jars in my recycling bin keep finding their way down to my studio. I am trying to slowly reorganize and glass containers are great because I can see what's in them and also they're free! But kind of boring...
Here's what I did with a larger jar. It had no lid- I don't know where this came from. I thought it was a good size for a vase. All I did was add a 12" piece of pretty packing tape around the circumference of the jar. I thought about adding ribbon but then I won't be able to send it through the dishwasher. So this is how it will stay!
The only flowers I have blooming right now are daffodils but there aren't that many (in fact I just went out to pick some and saw that my zealous husband had just mowed them in a fit of spring fever! I will not repeat what I may have said. Don't worry- he didn't hear because he had returned to the mowing). So I picked the few remaining daffodils and some pretty forsythia and greens.

I used the lid of a to-go cup from Subway to support the stems (daffodils are so floppy!). Using a Crop-a-dile and awl, I punched some holes to stick the stems in and there you have it- a pretty spring bouquet!

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