Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet My Grandbaby!!!

Hi Everyone!

I am so very excited to introduce to all of you my very first grandbaby, Zoey Mychael Brown!!!  Although my wonderful grandbaby is still growing inside of my beautiful daughter's tummy, I could not wait another minute to introduce her to the world!

This photo is a 4D sonogram picture of baby Zoey that was taken back in June and if you look closely you can see her sucking on her thumb! She is so much bigger now and at her last sonogram she was over 1 pound! Can you tell how excited I am about this wonderful blessing?

These are pictures of my gorgeous daughter, Richelle Elisabeth, a few months ago and even though her tummy was a good size then (only about 4 months along), with Zoey growing so quickly, so is she!!! But even as her tummy grows with Zoey she continues to be a beautiful pregnant mommy and I'm so very proud of her! We will welcome baby Zoey to our family the beginning December of this year. I can't wait for my beautiful baby girl to hold HER beautiful baby girl in her arms for that very first time. One of the many things that I think are so awesome about the pregnancy is that my daughter found out she was pregnant with her first child the same week that I found out I was pregnant with her 30 years ago. How totally cool is that? The very same week!

And of course what kind of designer would I be if I didn't share a small project that goes along with this blessed event. All I did  to create this project was take a picture of Baby Zoey's first sonogram, adhered it to some cardstock and added some stickers. Quick and easy to make but a wonderful keepsake for my daughter and her family.

Thank you for joining me. Until next time...

Crafty hugs,

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Dawn's Craft Place said...

Congrats to you and your lovely daughter!
Oh how exciting

Stamping From The Heart said...

Thank you so much Dawn!!! I can't wait for my little Zoey Mychael to get here!!!