Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Best New Product at CHA Summer Show

Hi Everyone, 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I just returned from the Craft and Hobby show that was held in Rosemont, IL. Each time I attend one of the CHA shows I always come home and write a post or two on the show and the great new products that I saw while I was there. 

Well, this time it’s going to be a little different. Although I was super busy working this show, I did have a little time to walk the show in search of fabulous new products and I must say that even though I found some cool new stuff the only product that I’m going to blog about is Kelly Craft Innovations Get-it-Straight Laser Square.

This new product is going to change the way scrapbookers and card makers alike, change the way they work on their projects! The product is so fabulous and I love it so much that nothing else that I saw at the show even comes close to this new tool, and that is the reason I only want to post about one product. For me, this is the product that every crafter is going to want to have in their studios and work spaces!!! 

The Get-it-Straight Laser Square takes all the guessing out of layering your pages and projects. With the laser built right into the tool, you can see exactly where you want your items to be placed. No more guessing or eyeballing your page elements, it lines everything up exactly to where they need to be. 

I was so excited about this tool, that I bought it right there at the show! I even tried talking the guys into letting me take their demo product home with me because I didn’t want to wait for mine to arrive after the show. Heck, if they would had let me take it with me, I would have been playing with it on the plane ride home!!!

I am so excited about this new tool that I’ll let you in on a little secret. After every CHA show that I attend I come home and make a list of the new products that I saw and I pick one that I think is going to be a HUGE success. I have been playing this game with myself for about five years now and every single product that I have picked in the past has turned out to be one of the “It” products that everyone just has to have! Can you guess which new product I picked after this show? You guessed it! The Kelly Craft Innovations Get-it-Straight Laser Square! I can’t wait for mine to be delivered and after you visit their website and see what I saw…you’ll be just as excited as I am!!! 

For more information about this fabulous new product, please check out their website at You’ll be happy that you did!! 

Thank you for joining me. Until next time… 

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Ann Butler said...

I agree this product is amazing!

Peggy @The Decorating Files said...

This is such a cool product!

Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

Ok I'm totally loving this product! Very cool idea!

Jacquelynne Steves said...

I think this could be very useful, I may have to give it a try...

Cheryl Boglioli said...

I keep seeing it in use, and must say it is starting to look like a MUST HAVE tool. I am a tool junkie.

Carol Heppner (Professional Craft Designer) said...

This looks like a great product. It was such fun seeing you at CHA!