Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking Into The Past- Garden Lamp

Hi Everyone,

If you follow my blog (or you're here for the first time) last week I wrote a post on a lamp that I created for my mom and told you that I went through a period where I was hooked on designing lamps for the home.

This project is something I designed a number of years ago for The Rubber Stamper magazine. I found this watering can and when I was talking to it at the store, it told me that it wanted to become a lamp for my home (yes, I talk to products all the time...insane?...probably!) So, I purchased an electrical kit, a lamp shade and some other supplies and this Garden Lamp was created!

Thank you for joining me. Until next time...
Crafty hugs,
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© Lisa Rojas, Stampin’ Queen Creations


© Lisa Rojas, Stampin’ Queen Creations

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