Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Blogger- Cheryl Boglioli

 Hi Everyone,

It's Guest Blogger Day here at Stampin' Queen Creations! What does that mean you ask? Well, it means that every Friday I will take off my crown and pass it on to a fabulous professional designer who's work I respect more that words can say. Today I pass my crown to my friend, professional CHA Designer, Cheryl Bogliolo!!!

Cheryl is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She always takes the time to stop and say something nice to someone and that's a quality that we just don't see that much anymore. I met Cheryl in 2011 when she joined CHA and I have had the privilege of watching her grow in her work for the last year. Cheryl is extremely talented and I always look forward to see what she'll come up with next.

Cheryl became a full time professional designer and educator in 2012 where she travels around teaching workshops at scrapbook stores and events. She works with multiple manufacturers in the craft industry and she loves staying on the cutting edge of new products and techniques.

Her project that I'm sharing with you today is just a small sample of her wonderful talent. For more information on Cheryl and her fabulous designs, please visit her website at

Cheryl, thank you so much for allowing me to showcase your wonderful talent on my blog. I know that we haven't known each other for very long, but I look forward to getting to know you so much better. I absolutely adore you!!

Thank you for joining me. Until next time...
Crafty hugs,
Stampin' Queen Creations
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Cheryl Boglioli said...

Thank you so much, Lisa. I am so blessed to have met you too. I'm going to enjoy borrowing your glorious crown for a few days. I'm off to polish it and wipe away my tears.

Paula Beeten said...

Absolutely beautiful cargo case!!!! Love it!!!!

Keri Sallee said...

I love Cheryl! She is so talented and this project is fantastic! :)

Dawn's Craft Place said...

What a perfect choice to showcase-Cheryl is a sweetie and so talented. I think that project is one of my fav that she has

Susan Garman said...

Love this case. I don't have one myself but I certainly could apply the technique to plenty of other storage items I have. Thanks for sharing Cheryl's work with us.

leslierahye said...

This is gorgeous!! Well-done! Love Cheryl's craftyness!

Stamping From The Heart said...

Cheryl, You can borrow my crown anytime you want! Thanks so much for being my guest blogger today!

Stamping From The Heart said...

Hi Paula,Keri, Dawn, Susan & Leslie,

Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Guest Blogger, Cheryl. You are all so correct! Cheryl's talent is absolutely amazing and I'm proud to showcase her work!!!
I hope you stop by again. Take care & Crafty hugs to you all!!!
Stampin' Queen Creations