Monday, November 18, 2013

Animal Print Headband with Connie Crystal

Hi Everyone,

I absolutely love the versatility that I have with Connie Crystal products!  You can take these gorgeous crystals and beads and add them to just about anything you can think of to add that extra bling to your projects!

For this project, I decided to create a headband that will bring some animal charisma to your look with the leopard print ribbon and of course some Connie Crystal bling!  With the Fall season upon us and the luscious colors that come along with the season, this headband would be great in anyone's wardrobe.  And by adding some Velcro to the headband, you can easily switch the bow out with another embellishment for a whole different look.

Thank you for joining me.  Until next time...
Crafty hugs,
Animal Print Headband
Crimp Bead
Jump Ring
Headband- Orange
Animal Print Ribbon
Jewelry Wire
Gather all of your supplies.
Cut jewelry wire 6" long.  String mini gold beads onto
the wire.  Add a jump ring to the tear drop crystal and
add to the beaded wire.

Pull beaded wire through the sea glass bead and secure
in place with a crimp bead.  Cut off excess wire.
Adhere the beaded wire to the bow with Quick Grip glue.
Attach a Velcro oval to the back of the bow and also to
the headband.  That's it you're done!




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