Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crystal Floral Necklace

Hi Everyone,

For my last two posts for Connie Crystal's blog, I used the beautiful white crystal sheets to design first a cuff bracelet and then I designed a set of earrings to match. I thought I would stop there, but I love these crystal sheets so much that I felt I needed to finished the jewelry set with a matching necklace.

I really hope that you head over to your local craft store and purchase some of these crystal sheets. There are so many fabulous things you could create with these sheets and you'll have so much fun working with it!

I just love this jewelry set so much that I plan on creating a few sets for some birthday gifts that I'll need in the very near future. Don't you have someone in your circle of friends and family that would love a gift like this? Boy, I know I do!!!

For a complete supply list and instructions for this project, please visit the Connie Crystal blog at www.sparklebycc.com. My post will be up tomorrow May 22nd. 

Thank you for joining me. Until next time...
Crafty hugs,
Crystal Floral Necklace
The complete Crystal Floral Jewelry Set
If you missed my post on the cuff bracelet and earrings,
you can find them with the complete instructions on this
Connie Crystal Blog!

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