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Looking Into The Past- Receipe Book & Magnet

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I thought for today's post, we'd take a look into the past. This receipe book and magnet is a cute and quick project to create for yourself or a friend. I think it would be a great addition with a crock pot for a bridal shower or house warming gift. It would give the gift a nice personal touch.

Please remember that with this project or any of my " Looking into the Past" projects were designed a few years ago and some of the products may no longer be available. All you need to do is change the products to what's on the market now. The project will look different but the basic design is still there.

This project was published some years ago and because the instructions are hard to read, I have written them again under the project picture. I hope you have fun creating this project. If you want to share your creation with me I would love to see it and post it on my blog.

Thank you for joining me. Until next time...
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Apron Recipe Book and Magnet
Materials Needed For Recipe Book                                
Apron Pattern                                                                              
Cherry Pattern Paper                                                                                                     
White Glossy Card Stock                                                                                        
Red Card Stock                                                                                                                 
White Card Stock                                                                                                             
White Printer or Copy Paper                                                                                     
White Gel Pen                                                                                                                    
VersaMark Stamp Pad                                                                                                    
White Embossing Powder                                                                                                                          
Black Pigment Stamp Pad    
Clear Embossing Powder
Green Wire- 24 Gauge
Watercolors or Choice of Coloring Technique
1/4” Hole Punch
Xyron Machine
3D Dots or Foam Tape
Embossing Heat Gun
Girl with Cherries
Small Cherries
Materials for Magnet
Frosted Shrink Plastic
Green Checkered Pattern Paper
Color Pencils
Green Wire- 24 Gauge
Black Permanent Marker
Magnet for Back
Black Permanent Stamp Pad
Miniature Rolling Pin
“Grab It” Glue
Toaster Oven
Instructions for Recipe Book

Step 1.    Using a Xyron Machine adhere cherry pattern paper to white glossy cardstock. Lay apron pattern on glossy cardstock, trace and cut out. You will need a front and back piece.  Next, lay pattern on red cardstock and trace. Cut out approximately 1/4” smaller.
Step 2.   On red cardstock, stamp cherries with the VersaMark pad and emboss with clear powder. Outline edges with white gel pen. Next, stamp cherries on red cardstock (scrap papers work great for this!) using VersaMark pad and emboss with white powder. Cut out cherries. Stamp girl on white cardstock with black pigment pad, emboss with clear powder. Color with watercolors and cut out. Adhere girl to red cardstock with Xyron machine. Attach cherries to red cardstock  using 3D Dots (or foam tape). Adhere red cardstock to apron front.
Step 3.   For the inside of the recipe book, trace pattern twice on to ten sheets of white printer paper giving you twenty pieces of pages for your recipes. Next punch three holes along the side of apron front and back, and also all of the inside pieces. To put the book together, cut wire approximately 16". Fold wire in half, twist a loop at the fold and add one bead. Next, put the wire ends down through the center hole of book and back up the top and bottom holes. Add beads to the left and right sides of the center hole and tie together at the center hole. Wrap extra wire around paintbrush to make curls. Punch two holes at the top of the apron front and add wire.
 Instructions for Magnet
Step 1.    Lay apron pattern on to Shrink-It. Trace the pattern and also the "pocket" with a black permanent marker. Add little lines and dots around all the edges with marker. On the apron pocket, write your name (or whatever) with marker. Stamp cherries on apron with black permanent stamp pad, let dry. Color with pencils, cut out both pieces. Punch holes in the top of apron.
Step 2.   Preheat toaster oven to 275-325 degrees. Bake Shrink-It following manufactures instructions. When finished baking, glue apron pocket and miniature rolling pin to apron using "Grab It" glue. Lay apron on to green pattern paper and trace. Cut out green paper and glue to back of apron with Xyron. Next, lay apron on to a sheet of magnet, trace and cut out. Peel off backing of magnet paper and adhere to back of apron. Add curled wire to the top of the apron. 
Designer Tip- If you do not have a Xyron machine, you can use spray adhesive, double sided tape or a glue stick.    

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