Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unibind: Another Great Company!

One of the great things I love about my job is working with some of the best manufacturers in the craft industry. Their generous support is something that is very much appreciated not only by me, but by all professtional designers. When I get a box in the mail full of new product (sometimes not even on the market yet!) it's like Christmas morning! I recently received a box like that from a company called Unibind. They sent me a machine and some hard covered albums  for me to play with. I figured it was just another way to put together a scrapbook album. Boy, was I wrong!!! This machine doesn't just put your scrapbooks together. It adheres your pages inside the album giving your scrapbook a professtional finish and something that will remain intact in your family for years! The days of pages falling out of your albums after time, is over.It is so easy to use, it's just unbelievable! But don't limit yourself to just scrapbooks. I made a book I called "Love Letters".

On the inside pages instead of pictures, I did pages that held cards, stationery and envelopes, making it a wonderful stationery set that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift.

Of course you can also create some incredible scrapbooks with these albums. I designed one with my son & his girlfriend called "Monkey Business". It was so fun to work with these pictures of my son Michael and his girlfriend Amanda. It has been a family joke since Michael was a little  boy, trying to get him to take a "decent" picture. He was always making goofy faces. When he started dating Amanda she too was always trying to get a nice picture of them together. Of course after a year of trying, she finally gave up.

If you are interested in trying this wonderful machine out for yourself, please be sure to check out their website at  You will not be disappointed!!

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