Friday, May 4, 2012

Looking into the Past- Around the World Lamp

Hi Everyone,

I told you all at the beginning of the week that I was going to go back into my archives of published projects and today I wanted to share my "Around the World"Travel Lamp"  with you. I created this project in 2001 and it was published in The Rubber Stamper magazine that year.

This is a project that will never go out of style and right now it lights up at my brother, Jeff's house. When he saw it he said that he just had to have it and I'm glad it has a great home! I knew that you wouldn't be able to see the directions from the magazine so I  managed to find them in case you wanted to create you very own. If there is a product that is not available in stores now, just substitute it with what's out there now.

Thanks for joining me. Until next time...

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Around The World Travel Lamp
Wood base by Walnut Hollow
Electrical lamp kit
Papier-mâché box
Papier-mâché picture frame
Old wire frame glasses
Tan Mulberry Paper by PSX
VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad by TSUKINEKO
VersaColor Ultimate Pigment Inkpad in Sage Green & Paprika by TSUKINEKO
Brilliance Pigment Inkpad in Coffee Bean by TSUKINEKO
Delta Ceramcoat Matte Interior Spray Varnish
Delta Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer
Delta Ceramcoat GLEAMSÔ Acrylic Paint- Metallic Kim Gold
Delta CeramcoatAcrylic Paint- Dark Brown
Delta Ceramcoat Satin Decoupage Medium
Delta Ceramcoat Brown Antiquing Gel
Primary Elements Polished Pigment Powders by Angelwings Enterprises
Spray Adhesive
4- 1” Wooden balls
2- Gold tassels
Gold braided trim
Assorted charms
Miniature postcards for decoupage
Glue gun
Glue stick
Rubber Stamps by Rubber Stampede
Shipboard  Crossing- 3010H
Travel Map- 3007F
Nostalgic Pocket Watch- A2528D
Medium Feather- A2585C
Passport- 2825B


Step 1. Paint wood base with Metallic Kim Gold acrylic paint. Paint box and wooded balls with Dark Brown acrylic paint. Let dry. Using a paintbrush, apply Antiquing gel to base then wipe off with a soft cloth until you reach the look you desire.
Step 2. Lay lampshade onto a large piece of butcher paper. Slowly roll lampshade on paper and trace the lampshade with a pencil. Cut out pattern leaving a ½” border along all sides. Next, trace pattern    on mulberry paper.
Step 3. Stamp Shipboard Crossing four times with Coffee Bean inkpad. Stamp Travel Map with Paprika inkpad randomly. Stamp Passport with Sage Green inkpad. Stamp Pocket Watch and Medium Feather with VersaMark inkpad.
Step 4. Dip a small paintbrush into the pigment powders and lightly brush over Pocket Watch and Feather images. Spray stamped mulberry paper with varnish. To adhere paper to the lampshade, spray adhesive on lampshade. Working in small sections, apply mulberry paper to lampshade. Glue trim, tassel and charm to lampshade with glue gun. NOTE: Tassel and charm are on the back of the lampshade.
Step 5. Place pictures in papier-mâché frame. Lay frame on a piece of mulberry paper. Cut paper to size of rame. Cut out the sections where the photos are placed. Stamp Feather along openings with the VersaMark inkpad and brush pigment powders over stamped images.
Step 6. Apply glue stick to the front of the frame and adhere mulberry paper, covering the entire frame. With glue gun, add trim along the edges of the frame, the tassel and charm to the center.
Step 7. For the papier-mâché  box, stamp feather with VersaMark inkpad along the front and sides of the box. Apply pigment powder to images. Cut out miniature postcards and decoupage to top of box. Cover entire box with decoupage medium.
 Step 8. Cut a piece of mulberry paper into a 5” square. Stamp feather randomly over entire piece of paper with VersaMark inkpad and apply pigment powder to images. Glue wood balls to the bottom of the base with glue gun.
Step 9. Spray wood base with varnish. Let dry thoroughly. Assemble electrical kit to base following the manufacturers instructions. Glue items to the base of the lamp with glue gun.


Marilyn Gossett Designs said...

Love this project, Lisa! It is a timeless design. A friend just had to tell me that she found some of my past books on a "vintage" website. I will have to examine for some good projects.....then maybe I won't feel so vintage! Keep the oldies but goodies coming!

Theresa Cifali said...

That is a fabulous project, Lisa. To look at it, you wouldn't think that so many products were used to create it. You did a fantastic job of making it look so simple.

Jacquelynne said...

Great project, Lisa. I don't think vintage/travel will ever go out of style.

Carol Heppner said...

This is a wonderful project! Great instructions - so easy to follow. I love your work.

Cher~ said...

What a great project and I love the frame on the lamp.