Monday, May 28, 2012

Cell Phone Cases- Part 2 of 4

Hi Everyone, 

Happy Memorial Day! For those of you in the Armed Forces or have a loved one in the military and they’re far from home, my wish for all of you on this day is that you all be together one day very soon! 

As I promised last week, today I want to share with all of you the second cell phone case in my four part series. Last week’s cell phone case was a little on the funky side with the animal print that would super hot with a blazer and a pair of jeans. This case is a little more elegant; something that you could wear around your neck for a night on the town. 

This case is so easy to make and it’s done by using one of my favorite stamping techniques, velvet stamping! Velvet stamping is so simple to do, but the results can be stunning. Always make sure when you do any velvet stamping that you buy the high quality velvet, Acetate Rayon. This velvet will give you the best stamped impressions that are very crisp and clear. But the best thing about this project…you can make the whole thing in less than an hour. What could be better than that!  

So, get out those irons and the sewing machines and have fun!

Thanks for joining me. Until next time… 

Crafty hugs, 

Stampin’ Queen Creations 

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Finished Size- 5”L x 3 ½”W


Black Velvet Acetate-Rayon material- 11”L x 4 ½”W
Black trim
Ivory beaded trim
Black cording- 1 yard
Crystal jewels
Jump rings
Sewing machine
Fabri-Tac™ Fabric Glue by Beacon Adhesives 


Step 1.  Set iron on wool or cotton setting with no steam. Lightly mist the back side of the velvet. Place the stamp rubber side up on your ironing board. Lay fabric right side down against the stamp.

Step 2.  Press the iron to fabric, hold for 10 to 20 seconds and lift up the iron carefully, being careful not to move the fabric. Repeat pattern until fabric is covered. 

            NOTE: Avoid iron holes and practice first on a piece of scrap material 

Step 3.  Cut material to measure 11”L x 4 ½”W. Turn each end under ½” press and sew. With right sides together, sew each side ½” from edge of material. Cut excess material close to stitching. Turn material inside out.           

Step 4.  With needle and thread, stitch cording to each side of phone case. Glue trims to top edge with Fabri-Tac™ glue. 

Step 5.   Connect crystal beads together using jump rings. Attach the top jump ring to case with a needle and thread. Apply Fabri-TacÔ glue to the back of the last bead and adhere to case.     

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