Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taking Good Pictures

Every good scrapbooker knows that the first step to a great scrapbook page is a great picture. Because let’s face it, your pictures are the main focus of your scrapbook pages. You can place all the wonderful pattern papers, stickers and embellishments on your pages, but if you start with a bad photo, none of those things matter. It’s all about the picture. So let’s discuss a few things that will enable you to take better pictures.

Know Your Camera- This may seem painfully obvious, but think about it. How many people do you know who actually read the owner’s manual that comes with all new cameras? Usually, when we purchase a new camera, we just play around with it. Start off right and learn your camera’s features.

Use Your Tripod- This little gadget really does help in taking good pictures. Besides, with a tripod you can be in the pictures you’re taking instead of always being behind the camera.

Use Your Macro Mode- This feature helps you to take beautiful close-ups of your subject. I use mine to take the pictures of the projects I design. It shows all the wonderful small features that you might miss in the normal mode.

Simplify Your Backgrounds- By removing all the excess clutter in your pictures, you can better achieve making your subject the true focal point of your pictures.

Here are the Top 10 Tips from Kodak

  1. Get down on your subject’s level
  2. Use a plain background
  3. Use your flash outdoors
  4. Move in close to your subject
  5. Take some vertical pictures
  6. Lock the focus
  7. Move your set object from the middle
  8. Know your flash’s range
  9. Watch the light
  10. Be a picture director

Thank you for joining me. Until next time…

Crafty hugs,
Stampin’ Queen Creations


Molly Smith said...

Great info and tips, Lisa. I only knew about the macro feature about 6 months ago - my old camera didn't have it! I think your display is so important and cringe when I see a project on a messy table or sitting on the keyboard :)

What program do you use to edit pics? I use Picnik which is closing next month.


Stamping From The Heart said...

Hi Molly,

I use a program called ArcSoft Media Immpressions and also a program from HP that came with my printer. I hope that helps!