Thursday, March 1, 2012

March is National Craft Month

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Since I was born in this month, it explains a lot about my creative nature and the journey into my creative life. I thought that since March is National Craft Month, I would share some of the things I'm working on.

I will be a very busy girl this month. I am currently working on the following:

v  Creating projects for a television appearance I will be filming on PBS
v  Creating new projects for magazine publication
v  Working up some designs for a few manufacturers I work with
v  Playing with some new product! My favorite thing to do!

I am super excited about my television appearance, but also a little nervous too. Everyone that knows me knows that I love to talk and teach. I guess this is the same thing but instead of 30 people watching me, it might be closer to a couple 100,000 or more. Okay, now I have totally freaked myself out!!!! What if I make a complete fool of myself? Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time that I would have done something stupid, it would just be the first time on television! So, after you read this, please say a little prayer for me. Since I’m stepping out of my comfort zone I could use all the extra help I can get!

These are the things that I’m going to be doing this month. What about you? Have you tried to step out of your comfort zone? Why not try a new technique that you’ve been afraid to try? Heck, I figure if I can try something new, you can too! It’s okay go ahead and give it a shot. I’ll be here waiting to see how you did. I may be bald from pulling my hair out from stress, but I’ll be here. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re doing for National Craft Month!

Thanks for joining me. Until next time…

Crafty hugs,

Stampin’ Queen Creations

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