Friday, March 2, 2012

Flower Power Girl

Anyone who knows me knows that I just love color! For me, the more color the better. That is just one of the reasons I love this scrapbook page. It’s so full of color and it’s just plain fun! But of course the main reason I love this page is being able to look back through the years and relive the memories of my very special flower girl. 

The pictures are of my beautiful baby daughter, Richelle. Although my baby girl has grown into a wonderful, beautiful adult, I can still remember how much she loved being outside and she absolutely loved flowers. In these pictures, Richelle is at my parent’s house and she is helping her Granny plant some flowers in the front yard. My mom is having a hard time getting Richelle to actually plant the flowers because she was too busy putting them up to her face to smell them. She didn’t want to put the flowers in the ground. My mom spent most of their flower planting time chasing Richelle around the yard with all of the flowers in her arms. It was so cute to watch! 

Richelle still loves flowers to this day, some 28 years later. But now, just like all those years ago, she would rather put them in a vase then plant them in the ground. I am so proud of my daughter, because just like the flowers she loves so much, she has blossomed and bloomed into a beautiful young woman. My wish for her is to one day have a little flower girl of her own. There is nothing in the world that can compare to that!

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Flower Power Scrapbook Page


12”x 12” Purple card stock
8” x 101/2” Floral pattern paper
Pastel gingham frames- 3
Fuchsia card stock- scrap pieces
Flower Power title
White card stock
Various fibers
Watercolor pencils
Flower brads
Eyelets & eyelet setter
Wire- green 24 gauge and pink 26 gauge
E-Z tape runner
3-D foam squares
Wire cutters
Round tags
Black marker
Black dye based inkpad
Shoe and Bugs by Rubbernecker rubber stamps
Flower by Hampton Art stamps


Adhere floral pattern paper to purple card stock. Create two pockets from floral paper. Create four tags from fuchsia card stock. Add pictures and text to the tags.

Add pictures to gingham frames. Adhere frames to floral paper. Add background to “Flower Power” title with fuchsia card stock. Adhere pockets to purple card stock. Tie fibers and round tags to fuchsia tags. Place tags in pockets. 

Stamp shoe, flowers and bugs on white card stock with black inkpad. Use watercolor pencils and paintbrush to color all stamped images. Cut out images. Add wire to bugs to create their legs and antennas. 

Place flower brads in center of the flowers. Add eyelets to shoe with eyelet setter. Thread ribbon through eyelets to create shoe strings. 

Adhere flowers and shoe to page. Using 3-D foam squares, adhere title and bugs to page. Add fibers all around the page edges. Add brads to all four corners of the page.

My Beautiful Daughter Now at 30 years old!
Richelle Elisabeth Rojas

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