Saturday, December 24, 2011

Perfect Words

As a rubber stamper and scrapbooker, I am always looking for the perfect words to add to my cards and pages. For me, there is nothing worse than getting my card or scrapbook page finished and then sitting at my desk staring at my design because I have no idea what words I want to use to convey just the right feelings. 

I know that it seems kind of silly that a person like me has trouble sometimes finding just the right words; I do write a twice weekly blog after all. But wording can be just like inspiration, and even creative people need a little help once in awhile. So where do you go for help with the perfect words? Well, for me, I look to a few different places. 

Rubber Stamps- Once rubber stamping became a huge hit in the creative industry about 15 to 20 years ago, you could find a stamp for just about everything, except words or phrases. I am so happy to say that has changed. Now, you can find a word or phrase stamp on all different topics. Check them out the next time you're at your local rubber stamp or scrapbook store. 

The Internet- The Internet is a great resource for finding words, phrases, and quotes to use on your cards and scrapbook pages. All you need to do is type “Perfect words for cards and scrapbook pages” into your search engine and in seconds you will have access to thousands of websites on this topic. 

Books- Books are another great way to gather this information. Check out your local Barnes & Noble, your local library, or You'll be amazed at what you can find.

A Note from Me

I want to remind you to be sure you have permission from whichever resource you choose to use. You do not want to get into trouble over copyright infringement. A lot of this information is free to use and it should say so. But it never hurts to take that extra step, just to be sure.

Thanks for joining me. Until next time 

Crafty Hugs,
Stampin’ Queen Creations

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