Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Been A While

Hi Everyone,

Wow, it's been over a month since I posted anything and what a month it has been! It's been full of ups and downs with all kinds of craziness in between!

First off let me say that my only daughter, Richelle had her very first baby on December 4th. My beautiful grandbaby Zoey Mychael Brown,  (she gets her middle name from my son Michael. Richelle wanted her baby to have her brothers name!) was born at 5:15pm. She weighed   6lbs 14ozs and was 19" long. Aside from my own children's births, this was the best day of my life.

I was with my daughter every step of the way from before she started labor, through her labor, through her c-section, to being right there when my baby Zoey was born. Her doctor was terrific and let me stand right behind him through her surgery. It was an amazing thing to witness. I was the first person to see my grandbaby and the third one to hold her. I had to give her mom & dad a turn first! lol!!!

I have see my baby girl every day since her birth until a week ago when I find out I had Shingles! Talk about pain!!!! I can deal with the pain but not being able to see my grandbabies is driving me nuts.

So, needless to say with the birth of my grandbaby, the holidays, getting ready for CHA and getting Shingles has made for a very busy month. But the Shingles is getting better and I did manage to get to the CHA show and what a great show it was!!!

After this long delay from posting, I promise I will be back to posting again on a regular schedule to bring you news from CHA, some great projects I've been working on, and of course all things about Bella Crafts Quarterly magazine!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I know mine was the best in a very long time! With all that said, stay tuned, I have lots of great things planned for this year that you're not going to want to miss!!!

Thanks for joining me. Until next time...
Crafty hugs,
Stampin' Queen Creations
Bella Crafts Quarterly 

Nana & Daddy getting ready for delivery

Zoey Mychael right after birth

Mommy & Zoey

Nana holding Zoey for the first time. The tears were flowing! When
I stopped crying I sang Happy Birthday to her!!!

So emotional! I love this little girl!!!



Dawn LL said...

Oh my word Congrats to you and the family!!!
I am so happy for you nanny-what a beautiful one.
So sorry to hear you have the shingles,we have been getting so many people in the office with them lately, my sister in law and a friend also...whew that is crazy
Take care of yourself sweetie
Sending you a big soft hug

Terry said...

Congratulations! So good to see you at the show!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, congratulations. This is such a blessing and you ALL look wonderful. What a beautiful little baby. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...All my love and prayers to you and the family. Miss and love you dearly.

Madeline xoxox