Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Cool2Cast Book

Hi Everyone,

As one of the editors at of Bella Crafts Publishing I am very excited to announce the launch of our very first book collaboration with the talented Tiffany Windsor.  Tiffany is the creative genius behind Cool2Craft and the founder of Cool2Cast, a brand new craft product on which the new book Cool2Cast, is based.  Cool2Cast is filled with tips, techniques and ideas for jewelry, home décor and other embellishments.  In this new book, you will find fabulous project ideas using Cool2Cast, as well as a gorgeous gallery of project images to inspire you.


Starting today through November 7th, Bella Crafts Publishing will be hosting a blog hop to promote Tiffany’s new Cool2Cast book.  The following is a list of participants for our blog hop with their names and websites.  All you need to do is click on the participant’s website and that will take you directly to their website where you will find more information about this fabulous new book! And if that isn't exciting enough, Tiffany is hosting a huge giveaway on her website that you're not going to want to miss! So, be sure to pop on over to her website at
Blog Participants
October 29th-       Tiffany Windsor 
October 29th-       Marjolaine Walker
October 30th-       Dana Joy            
October 31st-        Laura Bray         
November 1st-      Roberta Birnbaum
November 2nd-    Vishu Reberholt  
November 3rd-     Steph Ackerman 
November 3rd-     Marjie Kemper    
November 3rd-     Linda Peterson    
November 4th-     Larissa Pittman    
November 5th-     Kristi Parker        
November 6th-      Beth Watson       
November 6th-       Rita Barakat       
November 6th-      Susan Brown       
November 6th-      Anita Scroggins   
November 7th-      Lisa Fulmer          
November 7th-      Carmen Flores Tanis
November 7th-      Suzann Sladcik Wilson
November 7th-      Madeline Faiella   
To purchase the Cool2Cast book please visit our website

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