Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For My Teacher Pocket Card

I decided that since summer is officially over and school has began once again, that I would share a very cute pocket card I made. Pocket cards are a fun way to add a little zip to your cards. They are super easy to create (just a little creative folding) and guaranteed to make not only the teacher that you create it for smile, but also your little one. I hope you have as much fun making it as I did.

Until next time…


Stampin’ Queen Creations

©2011 Lisa Rojas, Stampin’ Queen Creations

·         Red card stock- 5 ½”W x 4 ¼”H

·         Red card stock- 3 ½”W x 2”H

·         Yellow card stock- 3”W x 1 ¾”H

·         White card stock- 8 ½”W x 11”H

·         Yellow striped pattern paper- 5 ¼”W x 4”H

·         School theme (with pencils) pattern paper- 5 ¼”W x 4”H

·         School theme (blackboard) pattern paper- 5 ¼”W x 1 ½”H

·         Chalk Pastels by Loew-CornellÒ

·         ColorBox® Premium Dye Inkpad by Clearsnap®

·         Tweezers

·         Miniature pom poms

·         Scissors

·         Decorative scissors by FiskarsÒ

·         Hole punch

·         PeelnStickÔ Foam Squares ½” by Therm O WebÒ

·         Memory MountÔ Glue by Crafter’s PickÒ

·         Preserve It!Ô Sealer by KrylonÒ

·         XyronÒ 510 machine with Permanent Adhesive

·         Toothpicks

·         Red ribbon

·         Miniature apple

·         Yellow crinkled paper raffia

·         Red chenille stem

·         Computer generated sign- Font used “Kristen”

·         Rubber Stamps:

·         School by Close To My HeartÒ

·         Pencil & Crayon by Art Gone WildÒ

·         Other stamps- Unknown


1.       Stamp all images twice on white card stock using black inkpad. Use tweezers and pom poms to apply chalks to stamped images. Seal images using Preserve It!Ô spray sealer.

2.      Cut out stamped images. Apply PeelnStickÔ foam squares to one set of the stamped images and adhere them to the other set of images, giving them a 3D effect.

3.      Fold red card stock in half. Using Xyron machine adhere School themed (blackboard) paper to the      top front of the card (¼” down from the fold), the striped pattern paper to inside of card (where you would write your message) and the School themed (pencils) paper to the upper inside flap of the card.

4.      Fold the lower left and right corners of the card front up until they meet, forming a triangle shaped pocket. Crease the edges down. Punch one hole on the corner of each triangle flap. Add ribbon and miniature apple.

5.      Apply glue to toothpicks and adhere to each of the stamped images. Add yellow raffia to inside of pocket. Glue stamped images inside pocket. Create saying with computer.

6.      Edge saying, red and yellow card stock with decorative scissors. Adhere the layers together with glue. Apply glue to red chenille stem. Adhere to sign and then to card front.

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