Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doggy Treat Box

Ruby Renee- 7 Months
©Lisa Rojas Stampin’ Queen Creations 2011
I have shared stories in my past blog posts about my love of my four-legged fur kids. My dogs are the loves of my life. I shared the loss of my beloved cocker spaniel, Tawnee Renee, and I even shared the new arrival of my miniature dachshund puppy, Ruby Renee. Since I haven’t written an update on my new puppy, I thought it was time to do so.

When I first brought Ruby home at the end of August, she was 8 weeks old and weighed a whopping 3 lbs. She was so cute and tiny we had to put bells on her collar so we wouldn’t step on her! The very first night, I placed her in a doggy stroller that fit right next to my bed. I knew because she was a puppy that I would be up with her a few times that first night. Now mind you, I haven’t had a puppy for 13 years. Our other miniature dachshund, Coca Cola, who is 6 years old now, actually belongs to my 24 year old son. When we got her, he took care of her most of the time. I really didn’t have to deal with the puppy stage all that much. So when I brought Ruby home, I thought to myself, I’m a grown up, I can handle this. What I forgot to tell myself was that I am an OLDER grown up who now knows that having a puppy is just like having a newborn in the house. What the heck was I thinking? I would never in a million years have a newborn at this stage in my life, what am I doing with a puppy?

Well, to be honest, after surviving the first few months of puppydom from things like waking up a few times a night, pooping on my carpet, and an unending amount of puppy energy and attitude… I have made it! I have come out on the other side, and the best part is, I still like her. I still love the fact that she is in my life. There is just nothing better in the whole wide world then waking up to wet-nosed puppy kisses!

My little sweetie pie is now almost 7 months old and she hits the scales at 12 lbs. She still has tons of puppy energy and attitude, and she still poops on my carpet every once in a while, but she is calming down a little more each day. Thank Goodness! I often wondered if I would survive this little stinker or if she’d get the best of me.

So, this week’s project is for all of you fellow dog lovers out there. This project is not just for the fur kids in your life, but also the fur kid lovers. I don’t know about you, but I got so tired of seeing dog treat boxes all over my countertops that I decided to create a fun and easy storage container to hold all of those treats for my fur kids. Of course since my fur kids are girls, I created my box with lavenders and pinks. The box that I used is a great wooded box from Walnut Hollow. Don’t freak out if you have never stamped on wood before. If this is the first time you have stamped on wood, then this is the perfect project for you to get your feet wet. With this project, I actually stamped my design out on paper first, then decoupage it onto the wood box. That way if you messed up your stamped image, simply disregard your paper, re-stamp it and then you can decoupage it on your wood box. How easy is that?

Crafty Hugs,

Stampin’ Queen Creations
Doggy Treat Box
©Lisa Rojas Stampin’ Queen Creations 2011

Wood box by Walnut Hollow
Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint- White, Pale Lilac, Lavender
Aleene’s Instant Decoupage Glue Sealer & Finish- Matte
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Paintbrush ½” Wash by Loew-Cornell
Sea sponge
White copy paper
Ancient Page Dye inkpad- Black & Lavender by Clearsnap Inc.
Chalk Pastels by Loew-Cornell
Preserve It! by Krylon Products
Krylon Crystal Clear Sealer
Lavender and Purple ribbon
Dog bones
Rubber Stamps-
Dog by Rubber Stampede
Doggy Border by All Night Media
Dog Bone & Lettering by Close To My Heart


  1. Paint box with white acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint box again with Pale Lilac. Let dry. Paint edges with Lavender paint. Sponge Lavender and White paint on box. Paint one dog bone with Lavender paint. Let dry. Lightly sand box. Spray box with Krylon Crystal Clear Sealer.

  2. Trim white copy paper to the size of the front of the box. Stamp images with black inkpad. Color with chalks. Spray with Preserve It! paper protectant. Decoupage stamped paper to box front. Let dry.

  3. Coat three dog bones with decoupage medium. Let dry. Glue bones and ribbon bows to the box. Use picture for placement if needed.

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Ruby Renee & Coca Cola
©Lisa Rojas Stampin’ Queen Creations 2011